Sandboxie - The best anti virus software

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    • Sandboxie - The best anti virus software

      Hello community,

      it's possible for many malwares to bypass your anti virus software. Furthermore, nearly everbody can buy this kind of malware and its not that expensive. Thats why you should know how to protect yourself. Sandboxie is a good program which can run any exectuable in a protected environment. Every .exe which you open in Sandboxie cannot to anything on your computer because Sandboxie is like a prision for the file.

      How to use it
      1. Download Sandboxie here:
      2. After the installation you can press with the righ mouse button on every .exe file and you can click "Run Sandboxed".

      How can I find out that the .exe is a malware?

      • If one of the following .exe will display in the Sandboxie Control window: svchost.exe, regasm.exe, regsvcs.exe, explorer.exe, cvtres.exe, cmd.exe, vbc.exe
      • If sandboxie opens an cmd console window while running
      • If Sandboxie notify you, that the file want acess to folders. Attention: Also some legit programs are dropping files to another folders. So it's not to 100% a malware.