How a crypter works

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    • How a crypter works

      Hello community,

      in this topic I explain very short what a crypter is and how a crypter works. Acually, a crypter is also a weapon for bad Hax0rs. Because of this I'll explain also the way how to hide malware but its just for scientific purposes!

      What is a crypter?

      A crypter is a special program, to protect an input file of leakers. Bad Hax0rs use a crypter to hide their malware of anti virus softwares and firewalls.

      How it works?

      A crypter is encrypting the whole bytes of the file that you want to crypt. The most common encryption algo is AES256 or XOR. Then the crypter creates another file which called Stub. The the finished output file contains the following:

      -Encrypted file bytes of the file that you want to crypt

      A computer cannot run encrypted file bytes. Thats why something has to decrypt the encrypted bytes before running it. Thats the mission of the Stub. If your encrypted file bytes contains bad Hax0r malware, you have to encrypt it in the memory because if you decrypt it on the hard drive, the anti virus program can easily find and detect it. It's also better to decrypt it in the memory if you want to protect your file of leakers.

      1. The computer runs the Stub
      2. The stub decrypt the bytes while running in the memory.
      3. Done
      Ofcoure some anti virus softwares can detect this methode too. But if youre smart enough, youll find bypasses for them too.